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  Complete meteorological services for competitive sailors and adventurers worldwide.




All our sophisticated technology is no substitute for our forecaster's knowledge and experience. Sailing Weather Service uses technology as a tool to enhance the forecast packages produced by our meteorologists for high-end users. Modeling helps us to create forecast visualizations, and to drive task-specific software applications, such as energy potential calculations. But the highest value we add for our customers is the human factor - the expertise we bring to interpretation and clear communication of complex weather information. Our consultants are your "X" FACTOR.

Access To Our Consultants
Chris Bedford
Founder & Chief Meteorologist
Matthew Jones
Chief of Meteorological Modeling

Our forecast operations are carried out by a team of experienced meteorologists. Click on a consultant's name or picture to learn more about them.

With unprecedented access to our highly skilled and motivated consultants, we'll make sure you have all the weather info you need to succeed.

Text Forecasts / SMS Updates

Detailed text forecasts specific to your race are delivered via email or fax the morning of the event. When permitted by race rules, last-minute updates can be sent via SMS to your navigator, tactician, or skipper.*

Sailing Weather Service forecasters do the heavy lifting by reviewing many models, observations, and satellite images. We distill this information using sound meteorological theory and experience. We filter and simplify varied, complicated, and sometimes conflicting weather data and models, selecting and communicating only that information which could be important to you on the race course.

We also include an assessment of the level of confidence you can have in the forecast, and alternative scenarios and possible outcomes are presented. Details on visual cues and variations on the course are provided when and where appropriate.

Our weather forecasts can stand alone, or can be supplemented with telephone contact with the forecasters by prior arrangement.

*Clients assume responsibility for race rules compliance.