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  Complete meteorological services for competitive sailors and adventurers worldwide.





Portable. A Global Modeling System

Our cutting-edge weather modeling system is completely portable to anywhere on the planet. Wherever you're competing, our data and forecasts will be there to support you. Our mobility is your edge.

Precise. Access to High-resolution Models

As a client, you'll have total access to our highest resolution model data and forecast statistics. Combine our high-res model data with our consulting and interpretation, and you'll be miles ahead of the fleet every day in meteorological understanding. Our precision is your edge.

Prepared. In-depth Climatological Studies

With our Interactive Weather Playbook® you'll absorb years of local wind knowledge in just minutes. You'll know how a venue will race weeks ahead of time. Each morning of your event, you'll be able to consult a simple interactive interface that distills years of weather statistics into easy-to-understand graphics. The Interactive Weather Playbook® complements our forecasts and your skill and intuition. Our preparation is your edge.