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  Complete meteorological services for competitive sailors and adventurers worldwide.



SWS Weather and Navigation Training

Improving your place in the race doesn't just happen on the water. It happens on the sail loft floor, in the boat shop, at the design table and yes, in the weather office. Our track record in preparing some of the world's most successful sailors proves that proper weather education, preparation, and practical experience can win races.

From weather 101 ...

A solid background in the weather will unlock many new race strategies. Sailing Weather Service will break out and simplfy the weather information you need to know as a sailor.

* Analyze > Diagnose > Predict.

* "Eyes out of the boat!" - Train to keep your eyes on analyzing the weather around you.

* Mysterious clouds or obvious shifts? - Learn to relate the weather you see to the strategy you choose.

... to briefing for a race ...

Have a specific event in mind? Sailing Weather Service will customize a race strategy for the weather you are likely to encounter and teach you how the elite prepare for distance racing.

* Routing Software and GRIB Files - Should you believe the squigly red line?

* Weather data resources - Where are they and how does one apply them?

* "Race" before the race - Learn how to simulate the race with actual weather from past races.

* Reach beyond the basics of routing - Discover the tools that the elite racers use.

get "All Weather" educated at our HQ.

Host a training seminar for you and your crew at the Sailing Weather Service office in Burlington, MA. Alternatively, a Sailing Weather Service team member can visit your training location in the northeast. Online webinar training sessions are also available.

Call (1-888-4-SAILWX) or email us today to setup a course time or visit.