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THE Weather coach


"Don't confuse your weather app with a meteorology degree and 35 years of winning experience."

You can easily access a wealth of weather information online either freely or by subscription. Getting a reasonably accurate multi-day weather forecast - good enough to know whether you'll need a jacket today or shovel the driveway tomorrow - is not difficult.


But when it comes to navigating a winning a race, safely delivering a yacht or having a comfortable and enjoyable cruise, knowing what information is useful, when to use it and how to apply to your specific activity is the difference between success and failure. An expert weather coach can help you navigate and filter the wealth of information and tools available, educate you on how to apply that information and those tools, and give you confidence that you are prepared to take on the competition.

Chris Bedford is respected world-wide for the 30+ years of experience and expertise in marine and coastal meteorology he provides to the world's most accomplished and successful sailors. He is sought out for his straight-forward, honest, and practical approach to using weather knowledge as a competitive advantage.


How I Can

Help You

Weather Competence

Learn how to observe, interpret, assess risk, and make informed weather-related decisions.

- Boost your success on the race course

- Run efficient and safe events

- Exploit weather to maximize profit and limit exposure

- Stay safe  

Race Weather

Get a custom forecast tailored to your event, your boat, your team, and your level of weather knowledge. We're another team member, helping you to the podium.

Briefings - Recorded, Live, or In Person

Reading a weather report is important, but hearing it from an experienced meteorologist, seeing the tools used to put the forecast together, hearing the potential scenarios and discussing the "what-ifs" of the evolving weather situation adds the highest value.

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